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Nov. 4th, 2008



Since when are charities so damn picky?

Correct me if Im wrong here...but aren't charities just that because they NEED the kindness and generosity of people to fund their causes, which in turn, gives them a reason to even exist in the first place??


"Gary Gygax was not only the inventor of Dungeons and Dragons, he was a humanitarian as well. Over the years, Mr. Gygax donated money to one of his favorite charities, The Christian Children's Fund. If you haven't heard of it, Christian Children's Fund was one of the first organizations to solicit money from donations for the purpose of supporting a poor child in another country. After his death earlier this year, many gamers donated to the fund in honor of Mr. Gygax's memory

At this year's Gen-Con, a sum of $17,000 was raised for the purpose of donating to the Christian Children's Fund but shockingly, the money was turned down by the charity. Why? Apparently they would not accept it since a portion of the money came from the sales of Dungeons and Dragons accoutrement. It seems a bit odd that they would accept money from the father of Dungeons and Dragons himself, but not the money raised at Gen-Con but unfortunately that's how it went.

Mr Gygax's work with D&D has had a profound effect on the game industry and its rules and mechanics inform many of the games we play today from Fallout 3 to World of Warcraft. So if you're thinking of donating to a charity this season, consider Child's Play or any one of the other deserving charities out there. Just avoid Christian Children's Fund as evidently our dirty gamer money isn't good enough for them."


*Taken from an article on GayGamer.net*

Feb. 7th, 2008

Coffee Smile


Some useful links - Because I can!

Okay I know this is non standard, but I wanted to provide some useful posts I've found on the forums so I shall link them forthwith:

... and what the hell some photo's of my experiences in stormreach behind the cutCollapse )


Squirrel Hopping


Initiatory Post

So since I've been lurking here since this communities inception (which hasn't been long) I think to myself, I should post so Rick dosen't feel so lonely... and then I think again about how often I even manage to update my own livejournal, and I laugh.

But seeing as I'm bored out of my skull and can think of nothing I'd like better to do then go home and play on my level 14 paladin with my Vorpal LS and Sorrel (Sheild of Legend) I find myself posting here and on the DDO forums.

In light of recent posts, I'm kind of dissapointed about DDO not taking off quite the way it should, the fact that TenTonHammer is not covering it much (which isn't saying much because prior to my exploration of guild portal - formerly unknown to me, I had never even heard of TenTonHammer), I'm much more impressed that Gamespy / Gamespot picked up an artical detailing module 6. It at least shows us, that while Turbine may not be pushing the marketing for DDO as far as it should probably be going (Damn Marketroid), they are at least keeping an open beta for the gaming industry and inviting them to try out new content and get reviews!

At times I wish I worked in the gaming industry, so I could give people an honest (non biased) opinion of what people inthe industry are thinking of current games. Rick's last post at least detailed TenTonHammer's feelings on DDO, that it was a top shelf MMORPG back in the day, but wasn't getting the traffic it needed to continue to prosper as one of Turbine's "Red Headed Step Children" (IE: Asheron's Call 2, etc..)

Well I can't promise to post all the time, but I'll certainly drop by from time to time to give my two cents, and don't forget I'm always lurking ¬.¬


Jan. 29th, 2008


DDO back on tentonhammer

As an interesting followup to the last post to this community regarding lack of media coverage of DDO, there have been several articles about it over the past week on various sites, and one on tentonhammer today:  http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/21389

And if you don't read the forums: mod 6 coming tomorrow.  Sharpen your swords and prepare to fight the denizens of Shavarath...

Disclaimer: I work at Turbine.

Jan. 17th, 2008



Not so good news

I almost forgot to post this. I had written an email to John Hoskin (Boomjack) at Tentonhammer regarding his lack of coverage of DDO. And this was his response. I warn you now..its not very encouraging.

Hey Rick,

I applaud the players like yourself who continue to play. DDO certainly has some great gameplay, but when all is said and done it wasn't my cup of tea and the traffic numbers show that it continues to move in the wrong direction.

As to why we cover WoW more than other games.... We don't actually. :) We cover Age of Conan, Everquest 2, Vanguard, Lord of the Rings and Warhammer Online as much as we cover WoW. That said, an article about WoW always generates at least 10X more traffic than an article about any other game. We have to put a weight on what we write and right now, the weight sits firmly in the WoW side of the scales.

Thanks for the letter. I appreciate that you took the time to write it. I wish I could revive DDO, but there doesn't appear to be anything that anyone can do.

If you are interested, our old DDO site is still public, although it hasn't been updated in some time. The URL is: http://ddo.tentonhammer.com

All the best,


So there you have it...our beloved game and its community is just not popular enough to garner any attention from the gaming media. Kinda sad huh?


Jan. 11th, 2008



(no subject)

Ummmmmm hello???? Is anyone out there?? Im getting a little disheartened at the lack of response here. You cant tell me that Im the ONLY D&D player here!

*walks away head hanging low*

Jan. 8th, 2008



Welcome one and all

I decided to create this community for all of us gamers that play Dungeons and Dragons Online-Stormreach. I see there are lots of communities for Wow and COH/COV and others, but nothing really out there for us diehard D&D fans!

So post here about anything pertaining to DDO-Stormreach! Accomplishments, annoyances, screenshots, gripes, accolades....whatever your little heart desires. The community is here for your use and enjoyment!

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