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amerryman in stormreach_ddo

Initiatory Post

So since I've been lurking here since this communities inception (which hasn't been long) I think to myself, I should post so Rick dosen't feel so lonely... and then I think again about how often I even manage to update my own livejournal, and I laugh.

But seeing as I'm bored out of my skull and can think of nothing I'd like better to do then go home and play on my level 14 paladin with my Vorpal LS and Sorrel (Sheild of Legend) I find myself posting here and on the DDO forums.

In light of recent posts, I'm kind of dissapointed about DDO not taking off quite the way it should, the fact that TenTonHammer is not covering it much (which isn't saying much because prior to my exploration of guild portal - formerly unknown to me, I had never even heard of TenTonHammer), I'm much more impressed that Gamespy / Gamespot picked up an artical detailing module 6. It at least shows us, that while Turbine may not be pushing the marketing for DDO as far as it should probably be going (Damn Marketroid), they are at least keeping an open beta for the gaming industry and inviting them to try out new content and get reviews!

At times I wish I worked in the gaming industry, so I could give people an honest (non biased) opinion of what people inthe industry are thinking of current games. Rick's last post at least detailed TenTonHammer's feelings on DDO, that it was a top shelf MMORPG back in the day, but wasn't getting the traffic it needed to continue to prosper as one of Turbine's "Red Headed Step Children" (IE: Asheron's Call 2, etc..)

Well I can't promise to post all the time, but I'll certainly drop by from time to time to give my two cents, and don't forget I'm always lurking ¬.¬



November 2008

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